People have approached the steering committee for Barrier Free Saskatchewan (BFSK) to become involved in promoting for the enactment of an accessibility act in the province of Saskatchewan. Since the steering committee consists of fourteen (14) persons, BFSK needs the help and support of many individuals and organizations as possible. The more people and organizations that promote this act the more likely we will get such an act enacted.

If you would like to become involved, Barrier Free Saskatchewan would like to suggest the following steps for taking action.

  • First, please endorse, as an individual and/or as an organization, the BFSK principles and support the efforts to enact an accessibility act for Saskatchewan. Please send an email message to with your full name and contact information. To learn more about endorsing BFSK, visit our Endorsements page.
  • Convince your family, friends, and co-workers to endorse BFSK and/or promote the enactment of an accessibility act in Saskatchewan. BFSK provides a  sample letter that you may use to send to family, friends, and co-workers through email, regular mail, or any mean of your choosing. We encourage people to use this letter in its original form or modify it to fit their needs.
  • Try persuading your social club, service group, union local, non-profit, and any other groups that you are a part to endorse the BFSK principles and/or convince the provincial government to enact an accessibility act. Use the slide (Microsoft PowerPoint) or the document (Microsoft Word) created by BFSK to introduce the principles to your group.

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