You may use the sample letter to convince your family, friends, and co-workers to endorse BFSK and hopefully, lobby for the enactment of an accessibility act in Saskatchewan. You may send this letter through email, regular mail, or any mean of your choosing. We encourage you to modify it to fit your needs.

Sample Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

Barrier Free Saskatchewan is made up of Saskatchewan citizens who have various disabilities and who want to be involved in the creation of an effective and sustainable provincial disability act. They are aligned with Barrier Free BC, Barrier Free Manitoba, Barrier Free Nova Scotia, Barrier Free Newfoundland, and Barrier Free Canada. Barrier Free Saskatchewan is an affiliate of the Barrier Free Canada organization that was founded by Donna Jodhan to enact a Canadian Disability Act.

The purpose of Barrier Free Saskatchewan (BFSK) is to lobby for Saskatchewan to have a disability act that is positive, accessible, inclusive, and functional for the province.

The core steering committee has created fourteen principles that is a must have in any Saskatchewan Accessibility and inclusion act. Barrier Free Saskatchewan is asking for endorsements from individuals, family members, friends, businesses, organizations, and provincial government agencies. An endorsement from you does not commit you to volunteer time or to give money. It is simply support of the principles Barrier Free Saskatchewan has created. The core steering committee believes strongly that these principles, all of them, must be part of an act in Saskatchewan that involves persons with disabilities and citizens of Saskatchewan. Of course, it is hoped that you can support a Saskatchewan Accessibility and Inclusion Act, if the province puts one forward with these principles intact.

The core steering committee has experiences in the volunteer community, employment community, as well as with municipal and provincial advisory and advocacy roles. They are confident that you and other citizens in Saskatchewan will be supportive of these Barrier Free principles. Please go to:

And support these principles on the endorsement page. As you will see, the Barrier Free Saskatchewan webpage is easy to read, functional, and I am pleased to share with you, accessible to all citizens, as it meets the Web Content Accessible Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 standards defined by the W3 Consortium (the international standards body for the web).

Before the province of Saskatchewan starts with the process of creating legislation for a provincial disability act, Barrier Free Saskatchewan would like to ensure that the people who actually require the accessibility are involved in the legislation being created. By endorsing these fourteen core principles, you will be supporting a barrier free Saskatchewan that will truly bring persons with disabilities to full participation within our province.

I hope I will see your name and/or business on the Barrier Free Saskatchewan endorsements web page! It is my hope that you will feel the same passion as I do and share this with your family, friends, and co-workers! Please, go to the web page now at and endorse these principles and support a Saskatchewan Accessibility and Inclusion Act by simply clicking on the email link on the endorsement page. Or, you may simply forward your endorsement by sending an email message directly to with your full name and contact information.

Yours in solidarity and friendship