Barrier Free Saskatchewan (BFSK) is reaching out to you to become part of a consultation as a rights holder in the implementation of a Saskatchewan Accessibility Act on February 19, 2020 at 1:30–4:00 PM at Huston Heights on 702 Sangster Boulevard in Regina.

The Saskatchewan accessibility act is an essential component in the creation of a barrier free province. It will ensure consistent accessibility within communities, within work places, and in the purchases of goods and services. It will break down barriers in a proactive, transparent, and timely manner.

In the October Throne Speech, the Government of Saskatchewan committed to bringing in an accessibility act. There was no mention, in the Throne Speech, when consultations would take place; who will be consulted; or how consultations would be carried out.

BFSK firmly believes that individuals with disabilities, their caregivers, and the professional organizations who work to support them are critical voices that need to be heard. The Federal Accessibility Legislation Alliance (FALA), a coalition, that brought together nearly two hundred groups from coast to coast to coast to gather lived experiences and input for the creation of a national accessibility act was so successful that we now have the Accessibility Canada Act (ACA).

To ensure our voices is heard collectively, Barrier Free Saskatchewan has formed the Saskatchewan Accessibility Legislation Alliance (SALA) to mirror the success of the federal alliance. We want rights holders, caregivers, and stake holder organizations to join SALA so we can, together, ensure an Saskatchewan accessibility act that will be all about us because of us.

Let us come together to remind our Members of the Legislative Assembly that there is “Nothing About Us Without Us”.

Please RSVP your attendance to