For Immediate Release

November 28, 2016

A Barrier Free Saskatchewan for All: Achieving 14 Principals for the Future We Want

SASKATOON — In light of International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Barrier Free Saskatchewan is calling on individuals and organizations, of and for persons with disabilities, to join the coalition and endorse its 14 principals to be the foundation of an accessibility act for Saskatchewan.

“Moving toward a barrier free world for disabled people creates a barrier free world for everyone.” said BFSK committee member Darren Gilchrist.

The Barrier Free Saskatchewan (BFSK) steering committee has put forward 14 principles to be the foundation for an accessibility act for the province of Saskatchewan. These principles are closely aligned with Barrier Free Canada, Barrier Free BC, and Barrier Free Manitoba. The committee wants the Province of Saskatchewan to pass an Accessibility Act with the 14 principles intact so we can become a barrier free province.

Some examples of the principals expected of the potential Act are: The Act sets a timeline, the Act applies to all disabilities, it unifies the definition of disability to be inclusive for all, it sets the bar and removes barriers for all. The Act sets policy, legislation, regulations enforceable by Government and it champions barrier-free goods, services, and facilities.

These endorsements will be like a catalyst that will mix with our allies and inspire empowerment throughout the province.

“Accessibility begins with legislation and regulations, without an Accessibility Act, barriers experienced by people with disabilities in Saskatchewan will continue to inhibit and perpetuate a fully inclusive society for all.” said BFSK committee member Lynnett Boris.

“Saskatchewan needs to be more accessible for all disabilities, accessible pedestrian lights, accessible sidewalks, buildings and workplaces.” said BFSK committee member Brenda Edel.

Join our coalition by endorsing these Barrier free principles and count yourself in as we build an accessible province through a Saskatchewan Accessibility Act. There is no fee or cost involved. Remember “nothing For Us Without Us”.

To get more information about Barrier Free Saskatchewan or to join the coalition and endorse the BFSK Principles, visit

For contact information please call NSILC at 306-665-5508.

Download this press release as a separate document (Microsoft Word)