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Kevin Kehler
Director of Technicaal Safety policy

Dear Kevin:

Barrier Free Saskatchewan (BFSK) would like to thank you, Bill Hawkins, and Marvin Meichkel, for taking time to meet with us on November 26,2020 to discuss the Side by Side Uniform Building Standards document.

Your role as a creator of the current legislation was a definite asset. We are appreciative that you listened to our voices and aspirations for a province that ensures accessibility in all Saskatchewan buildings. Furthermore, we are pleased that everyone at the table agrees that there is a need for persistence in moving the accessibility bar forward. Members of BFSK can contribute greatly to this process. Together we embody lived experience within a diversity of disabilities which allows for a wide range of perspectives that can and will assist in the creation of this ground-breaking accessibility legislation. 

It was heartening to hear from you that the Saskatchewan government understands accessibility legislation is critical and relies on an obligation to listen to those who are living with disabilities/ chronic conditions/ permanent injuries, and their caregivers and families for solid counsel. Furthermore, it is encouraging to learn that this crucial input is seen as an ongoing process and not one that just occurs when a new government initiative is on the radar.

Consequently, we would like to outline some additional concerns and ideas for moving forward.

Thank you once again for taking the time to listen to Barrier Free Saskatchewan’s concerns regarding building accessibility.  We look forward to feedback and information on internal discussions and to ongoing dialogue in early 2021.   


BFSK Membership


Marvin Meichkel
Chief Building Official

Bill Hawkins
Executive Director