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April 23, 2021

RE: URGENT – Critical Protocol 2nd Request

Honourable Scott Moe
Room 226 2405 Legislative Drive
Regina, SK, S4S 0B3
1 (306) 787-9433

Dear Honourable Moe:

Barrier Free Saskatchewan (BFSK) is gravely concerned with the province’s current medical protocol. Although, we agree that a critical care triage must occur when beds and/or treatments are at a critical point, we are deeply concerned that when it comes to the rationing or triage of life-saving critical medical care that discrimination based on disability will occur.

On February 1, 2021, BFSK sent you a letter outlining our concerns regarding medical triage discrimination.  Subsequently, the Minister of Health was directed to address our concerns.  To date the Minister has not reached out to us and over eighty (80) days have passed since the Minister received a directive to do so. It appears that the Minister of Health has defied your order to respond to us and is dismissive of persons with disabilities.

Accordingly, it is clear the Minister of health does not respect nor care about our concerns. The failure to address us and the Province’s policy on Medical Protocol has resulted in BFSK and persons with disabilities to lose trust and faith in the Minister of Health.

Therefore, Barrier Free Saskatchewan is calling for the resignation of the Minister of Health. At the same time, we are asking you, Premier Moe, to act on this request and to appoint a new Minister of Health without delay.

BFSK succinctly outlined the grave concerns of people with disabilities regarding medical protocols during the third wave of the pandemic in our February 1, 2021 letter. Persons with disabilities currently have legitimate fears  that we will be sent home to die without medical care. This must be resolved.

Since, the current Minister of Health has not given our concerns any credence, we strongly suggest that the newly appointed Minister of Health review BFSK’s February 1, 2021 letter and promptly respond to our concerns.  People with disabilities need reassurance that Saskatchewan’s medical protocol will not discriminate.

Once more we want to impress upon you and the Province of Saskatchewan that any critical medical protocol must not discriminate on abilities, assumed life expectancy, or “life worth.” No one has the right to make those decision based on a category such as “disability.” Thus, we expect the newly appointed Minister of Health ensures that our Government prevents disability discrimination especially if Critical Medical Triage comes into play during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Further, we request that Triage protocols be reviewed and if there are any myths or judgements concerning people with disabilities that they are removed. It is also imperative that the reviewed Critical Medical Triage be made public in the spirit of transparency for all citizens of Saskatchewan.

The Province of Saskatchewan is engaged in the creation of an Accessibility Act. In accordance, BFSK wants to remind the government of Saskatchewan that persons with disabilities, have the same rights as all other citizens in this province. A medical protocol that may contain parameters such as life expectancy, type of disability, or assumptions of life worth is discriminatory and would be in violation of an Accessibility Act.

Barrier Free Saskatchewan is requesting a prompt meeting with the new Minister of Health on the critical covid-19 pandemic medical protocol and policy. We need assurance that a Critical Medical Triage ensures that care will be given to all members of society on a first come first serve basis and does not delay or deny care to persons with disabilities.

Finally, BFSK needs to be part of the decisions as persons with disabilities are rights holders as opposed to stakeholders and most importantly, we remind you, Nothing About Us Without Us!

Yours truly,

Robin East
Barrier Free Saskatchewan

Cc:          Minister of Health Minister Paul Merriman

Minister Carr

Disability Critic – Meara Conway