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Wednesday, March 24, 2021 

Executive Director
Office of Disabilities
Daryl Stubel
1926 Broad Street
Regina, SK,  S4P3V6


I ask you and Minister Carr, the Minister for Persons With disabilities, why the washroom issue has not been addressed in Saskatchewan. I ask this because over five hundred complaints were filed against restaurants in Saskatoon on this issue and the SHRC dismissed all those complaints on a technicality.

Yet the Office of disability Issues did nothing and the Previous Minister of Persons With Disabilities did nothing.

This Human Right  exists without a Provincial Accessibility Act yet the rights of persons with disabilities are being overlooked due to “money”. Seems Business has more weight than basic “Human rights”. Hopefully this will not be the case with the new Accessibility legislation.

It is never to late to address this matter and I call upon you, Daryl, at the Office of Disability Issues, and Minister Carr, the Minister for persons with Disabilities, to address the basic Human rights of persons with disabilities in this Province.

Robin East
Barrier Free Saskatchewan

Cc: Ms. Conway, Critic for Social Services, Housing, Human Rights, and Community-Based Organizations

Cc:     Minister Carr <

Regina Elphinstone Centre <>